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IHS Affiliate Chapter Community


IHS has 52 affiliate chapters worldwide.  Like IHS, these chapters are comprised of hearing aid dispensing professionals, including hearing aid specialists/hearing instrument practitioners and audiologists, who share an interest in promoting strong professional and educational standards and advocating for the profession and patients their members collectively serve. 


Each chapter is independently organized, and governed by their own elected Boards.  The IHS Event Calendar includes information about upcoming chapter events.


IHS encourages all hearing aid dispensing professionals to be members of both their international organization (IHS) and their state/regional association (chapter) as these dual memberships provide complimentary support and resources, and enable hearing aid dispensing professionals to have a strong voice in legislative, regulatory, and other policy initiatives at all levels.


View our listing of chapter websites to access information about your local IHS chapter.  To access contact information for chapter officers, contact us at 734-522-7200, or download our Chapter Officers Listing through our Chapter Resource Center.  (IHS member login required.)  


Chapter officers can access more information about IHS chapter resources, and access forms and other materials, through our Chapter Resource Center.  (IHS member login required.)