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Affiliate Chapters Community

A Partnership With IHS Governors and Staff

IHS currently has 54 affiliate chapters worldwide. IHS chapters are governed by their own elected Boards.

The IHS territorial governor is the primary link between the affiliate chapters and the IHS Board.

Communications and Meetings

Territorial Meetings

Chapter leaders can expect regular communications from the IHS Leadership and IHS Staff. Prior to the annual spring meeting of the IHS Board, governors are to convene a territorial meeting of chapter presidents, either in person or via teleconference. This meeting serves as a means for chapters and territories to influence policy of the Society through their elected governor, and it allows chapter leaders to network and learn from their peers. Chapter news and activities are reported to the full IHS Board.

Chapter Leadership Conference

Each year IHS hosts an annual conference of chapter leaders in conjunction with its convention & exposition. This conference is a forum established for the leaders of the Society and its affiliate chapters to broaden awareness of industry issues, open communication channels and exchange news and views.

Chapter Meetings

IHS strives to have a governor in attendance at every chapter meeting. They are available as program presenters and to represent the benefits of IHS membership to potential recruits.

Bylaws - Article XI - Affiliate Chapters

Article XI, contained in its entirety below, describes the relationship between IHS and its affiliate chapters.


Sec. 1. Chapters may be organized within various countries, states and provinces. These chapters shall consist of individuals engaged in the practice of testing human hearing and selecting, fitting, counseling and dispensing hearing instruments. If any territory shall not have a chapter within the territory, the governor of such territory shall encourage the formation of such chapter.

Sec. 2. Any group whose members are engaged in the practice of testing human hearing and selecting, fitting, counseling and dispensing hearing instruments, located within a country, state or province having no chapter, may petition for a charter as a chapter to the Board of Governors. If meeting by constitution, bylaws, and organization qualifications for such, the petitioning group may upon a majority vote of the Board of Governors, be recognized as a local chapter for the particular country, state or province in which the chapter is located. Such petition shall include the name of the proposed chapter (according to geographical location), a list of its members, the names of its officers, a copy of the proposed activities, and a statement of agreement to submit, within ninety (90) days after January lst of each year, a report of its membership and its activities for the past year.

Sec. 3. A chapter of the Society shall continue in good standing upon fulfillment of the following conditions:

  1. The number of its members shall remain three (3) or more.
  2. The chapter shall submit on or before March 31st of each year a summary report of its members and its activities for the past year and a report of its proposed activities for the next year.
  3. The chapter shall notify the Society's executive director of any changes or amendments in its constitution and/or bylaws, such notice to be in writing and to be submitted within thirty (30) days of the approval of such changes or amendments by the chapter.
  4. Every Chapter Officer and 50% of the members of the Governing Board must be a Professional Member of IHS. If any officer or member of the Governing Board is not a Professional Member of IHS, they will have thirty (30) days to become a member of the IHS.
  5. Each chapter shall pay dues and fees as established by the Board of Governors.

Sec. 4. The bylaws of IHS shall supersede the bylaws of a chapter in any point where such would conflict.

Sec. 5. The Society's Board of Governors may, at any time and upon 2/3 vote, withdraw recognition of any chapter of the Society.