Real-Ear Measurement Track – NEW!
A new feature at this year’s IHS convention is an integrated, progressive learning opportunity comprised of three 2-hour seminars and one 2-hour demonstration on real-ear measurement. Each seminar on this topic will take you from beginner knowledge through intermediate to advanced. During the live demonstrations, you will take the learning experience from the convention to your practice. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn from the experts in a step-wise way and to apply your new knowledge and skills directly to your next clinical encounter. Although you are strongly encouraged to attend all four 2-hour seminars, each one does stand-alone on content and learning value. Follow this learning pathway and walk away with a new or enhanced skill.

Thursday, September 15

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Concurrent Seminars

Tympanometry: Methodology, Interpretation and Clinical Application
Ted Venema, PhD, Professor, Conestoga College
Advanced Level
Contrary to common belief, Tympanometry does not determine “how much the eardrum wiggles.” In essence, Tympanometry measures how much sound bounces off the eardrum at positive air pressure in the ear canal, then at nor mal room pressure, and lastly at negative air pressure. Air pressure should be even on both sides of the eardrum in order for the middle ear to be most efficient at passing incoming sounds through it. This seminar will describe the methodology, interpretation, and clinical application of the quick and yet very important test.
Tympanometry: Methodology, Interpretation and Clinical Application

Looping Technology & Your Practice
Wm. Scott Peyton, MA, General Manager/Owner, Wireless Hearing Solutions

Beginner Level
Hearing Aid Specialists play a critical role in helping clients to “get into the hearing loop,” including optimizing telecoils for use with hearing loops, providing written information and resources, and demonstrating hearing loops in their offices. This session is a blueprint for connecting your practice to loop system installations, growing your business and maximizing sales efforts.
Looping Technology & Your Practice

Friday, September 16

10:00 am - 12:00 pm Concurrent Seminars

Business Management Software Panel Discussion
Moderated by Douglas A. Lewis, JD, PhD, AuD, MBA, President and CEO, Excalibur Business Consultants
Advanced Level
Business management software can do more than scheduling, manage patient data, and billing. Some sophisticated systems can help you grow your hearing healthcare practice. Compare and contrast the functional capabilities of each system during this interactive panel discussion.

Participating companies include:

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