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The IHS Team

Prompt, personal service is a hallmark of the IHS commitment to its members. Use this page for direct access to the individual best able to respond to your questions and issues.


Chelsea Bajjey
Digital Marketing Specialist
734.522.7200 ext. 102 - cbajjey@ihsinfo.org

Provides digital marketing services and support for organizational marketing initiatives and brand awareness.

Mary Buday, MA
Director of Certification
734.522.2900 ext. 109 - mbuday@nbc-his.com

Directs the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS).

Kelsey Burch
Manager of Operations
734.522.7200 ext. 107 - kburch@ihsinfo.org

Provides day-to-day office functions as well as organization-wide support related to human resources, office management, fiscal management, and organizational compliance.

Cheryl Castile, MBA
734.522.7200 ext. 103 - ccastile@ihsinfo.org

Performs accounting and related organization business functions.

Sandra den Boer
734.522.7200 ext. 114 - sdenboer@ihsinfo.org

Edits and writes for the Society’s member communications including the quarterly magazine, The Hearing Professional, bi-monthly e-newsletter, SoundBoard, and Annual Report.

Tara Douglass
Director of Business Development
734.522.7200 ext. 116 - tdouglass@ihsinfo.org

Works directly with industry leaders on strategic projects.

Jackie Getz
Professional Development Administrator
734.522.7200 ext. 106 - jgetz@ihsinfo.org

Processes AudiologyOnline CE credits, THP and webinar quizzes, and Continuing Education Transcripts. Fulfills orders for the Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences course.

Cheryl Goldsby, CAE
Chapter Affairs Manager
734.522.7200 ext. 104 - cgoldsby@ihsinfo.org

Supports Government Affairs and Chapter Affairs programs. Manages day-to-day activities and provides customer service to the IHS chapter network. Assists with IHS advocacy activities, including federal and payer initiatives.

Emily Hooks
Membership Manager
734.522.7200 ext. 105 - ehooks@ihsinfo.org

Manages the Society's membership programs and functions, including onboarding and affinity programs.

Alissa Parady
Executive Director
734.522.7200 - aparady@ihsinfo.org

Manages IHS operations and staff. Works directly with the IHS Board of Governors and allied association executives.

Nannette Ret
Special Projects Coordinator
734.522.7200 ext. 113 - nret@ihsinfo.org

Provides executive support on key projects.

Sierra Sharpe, MBA
Director of Professional Development
734.522.7200 ext. 115 - ssharpe@ihsinfo.org

Leads professional development initiatives for the Society, the Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program, key educational committees, and new product development.

Mary Stone, MLS
Certification Administrator
734.522.2900 ext. 111 - mstone@nbc-his.com

Administrative and customer service functions for the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

Leslie Staniszewski
Director of Marketing
734-522.7200 ext. 108 - lstaniszewski@ihsinfo.org

Leads marketing initiatives for the Society to include email and online marketing campaigns.

Michelle Weiss, MA
Professional Development Project Manager
734.522.7200 ext. 112 - mweiss@ihsinfo.org

Oversees key professional development projects.

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