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Recorded Webinar Topics


Ethics Webinars


Ethics in Hearing Healthcare: Strategies for Ethical Solutions

When was the last time you were faced with an ethical dilemma? How did you handle it? Making sound ethical choices and decisions is critical for the success of hearing healthcare professionals. The wrong ethical choices can quickly degrade one’s personal and professional reputation and business.


Ethics and Contractual Analysis for the Hearing Healthcare Professional

When was the last time that you updated your business contracts? Join us and learn techniques for creating, reviewing, analyzing and implementing business-related contracts within your operations.  Expert presenter Doug Lewis, JD, PhD, AuD, MBA will provide you with basic general ethical principles to prepare viable and legal contracts.


Ethics: Exercise (or Exorcise) Legal and Ethical Dilemmas in Your Hearing Healthcare Practice

Ethics is a hot topic among hearing healthcare professionals and required for continuing education in many states. Get up to speed on everything ethics and exercise legal and ethical dilemmas in your practice.


How to Avoid the Top Ethics Pitfalls for Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Learn how you and your staff can resolve the most common ethical issues you'll encounter in a hearing healthcare practice. Watch this video today and you will learn how to safely navigate through frequently encountered problems dealing with integrity and professionalism.