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Recorded Webinar Topics


Front Office Webinars


Close More Sales Using Your Front Office Staff

The first thirty minutes of an appointment are crucial for establishing and gaining trust, which is critical for closing the sale. Hearing healthcare professionals need to utilize front office staff, especially the Patient Care Coordinator, to help gain the trust of their prospective patients and maintain the trust of their current patients. Expert presenter, Russell Armstrong, Practice Owner and Sales Consultant, will explore techniques used to establish trust and to better ask the key questions that get the answers needed to help close the sale.


How to Transform Front Office Staff into True Patient Care Coordinators

Your customers’ first impression of your practice can make or break your business. That’s why savvy Patient Care Coordinators are integral to any hearing healthcare practice. Finding the right person is only part of the process. Developing a strategic plan to hire, train, motivate and coach them will help your front office staff become performance-driven ambassadors for your practice.


How to Make a Successful Transition to ICD-10 CM

The countdown is underway for implementation of the ICD-10 CM code set, which will be required by all U.S. healthcare entities beginning October 1, 2015. Whether yours is a small or large practice, education, training and testing will be necessary to be prepared for the upcoming deadline.


How to Avoid the Top Ethics Pitfalls for Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Learn how you and your staff can resolve the most common ethical issues you'll encounter in a hearing healthcare practice. Watch this video today and you will learn how to safely navigate through frequently encountered problems dealing with integrity and professionalism.


Front Office 101: How to Wow Patients on the First Call

Ensure that your front office staff has the training and tools needed to help you grow your business, not only for the short term, but for long term sustainability. View this webinar today to learn how to make a stellar first impression that encourages patient trust and enthusiasm.

Front Office 201: Advanced Phone Skills

Learn how to handle patient calls with grace, sincerity, and effectiveness. View this webinar today and you will learn methods for establishing a relationship with your callers that can substantially increase the number of patients that schedule an appointment.