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Recorded Webinar Topics


Sales/Marketing Webinars


How to Dominate Search Results in Your Market

There are more than 2,000 search changes a year, and over 200 ranking factors for every search link. Search engines are built to serve people; as people change, behaviors change, technology evolves, we all must incorporate these changes into our marketing tactics. 


Client Trust - Your Business Imperative

As with all relationships, the quality of client relations is inherently dependent on the level of trust. In order to enhance the level of trust and subsequently, the quality of client relations, we must understand how trust is built and sustained.


Personal Charisma: Increasing Your Presence and Magnetism with Your Patients

Charisma is often defined as charm, presence, personality and the ability to successfully connect with others. Charismatic people receive more promotions, are admired by others, are healthier, and are known as better communicators. Charisma increases leadership and persuasion skills with patients. Interactive and entertaining, this presentation can help change your life and help you change the lives of others.


Lead Generation: The Human Touch in a Digital World

Technology and social media have impacted the manner in which sales leads are now generated for most businesses, including hearing healthcare practices. Traditional lead generation techniques are becoming less prevalent and are giving way to the digital marketing landscape.

While many technology-savvy hearing healthcare professionals have embraced digital marketing, many are neglecting the most critical aspect: personal interaction. Meeting, greeting and speaking to perspective customers is crucial for converting leads into paying customers.


Online Reviews, Testimonials and Reputation Management: What Hearing Practices Need to Know

Testimonials and reviews have shifted from polite conversation to a multi-million dollar online industry. Yelp, Google+ and HearingTracker are the new "word of mouth." Today’s tech-savvy hearing healthcare consumer relies on online testimonials from others when making purchasing decisions. Hearing healthcare practice owners need to understand and manage their online reputations in today’s competitive landscape. Positioning your practice in this new digital era of online consumer reviews is mission critical.


Baby Boomer Marketing: It's Not What You Think

Everyone's talking about Baby Boomers, and how they'll impact hearing care. Not surprising, when there are more than 75 million of them in the US alone, with eight more turning 50 every second! It's a huge market – for someone. But will it be for you? Maybe not, if you're sending the wrong message. The history of Baby Boomers tells us this generation doesn't think like their predecessors, and they don't do things the "conventional way." So how do you, as a hearing healthcare professional, market effectively to Baby Boomers?


How to Blow Away Your Competition on Google Search Results

When clients in your area search for a local practitioner online, does your website show up on the first page of search results? Most people use the Web to find healthcare providers in their area and evaluate customer reviews. Is your hearing aid practice showing high up in search engine results for Google, Yahoo and Bing? If not, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business. Ranking higher within online search results for your area can help give you a competitive edge and increase your bottom line.


Ideas, Tips and Strategies to Secure an Initial Appointment

Learn how to increase referral sources from your community by identifying different networking opportunities. View this webinar today and you will discover how to bring patients in the door wanting to do business with you.


Winning with Social Media

Social media usage is surging and has become a part of our daily lives. Numerous opportunities exist for hearing practices and professionals to build a strong social media presence. View this webinar today to learn the basic strategies behind creating a viable social media presence for your practice.


Modernizing Your Practice with Social Media and Clinical Best Practices

This complimentary 60-minute webinar explores how to differentiate your practice in an era of disruptive innovations and economic uncertainty.