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Find a Hearing Instrument Specialist Near You

Need more assistance? Call the Hearing Aid Helpline at 1.800.521.5247 and ask for our consumer kit. You receive a booklet on hearing loss and hearing aids and a listing of qualified Hearing Instrument Specialists in your state.

Hearing Loss

Hearing Instruments

Hearing Instruments

Enhance Your Life

Hearing instruments are hi-tech marvels. They come in a wide variety of styles from the compact miniature sizes that fit in the ear canal to the larger body style aids. Other styles fit into the outer portion of the ear, still others are worn behind the ear. Newest on the scene are disposable hearing aids.

Hearing aids have gone beyond amplification only. New technology has made it possible for some hearing aids to screen out unwanted background noises, amplify only specific frequencies or mask noises generated in the ear itself.

Hearing instruments are a sound investment! You'll hear better and enjoy the sounds of life once again. The advanced technology of the hearing aid combined with the expertise and personal care of the Hearing Instrument Specialist® provide the means by which the hearing impaired can join the ranks of the hearing prepared.

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