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IHS staff will contact you should your proposal be a fit for the IHS webinar program. Please note that being an IHS webinar speaker is a volunteer opportunity. In addition to committing to the presentation of a live webinar, chosen speakers are also required to run through the entirety of their presentation twice before the live presentation.

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(learning outcomes, knowledge outcomes, key ideas) Please provide 3-5 brief bullet points describing what attendees will learn from your presentation. If selected to present, these may be used in marketing materials.

NOTE: Learner outcomes should complete the sentence: "After this seminar, participants will be able to…" Examples of measurable verbs would include but are not limited to" list, demonstrate, define, and apply.

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Practice Management
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* Please provide any history, trends, examples that make this presentation vital to current hearing aid specialists.

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Hearing Science
Audiometric Assessment
Audiometric Interpretation
Patient Information and History
Hearing Instrument Systems and Technology
Selecting Amplification Systems
Instrument Fitting Techniques
Office/Business Management
Sanitation Protocols
Ear Mold Impressions
Professional Communication
Non-Amplification Hearing Systems
Federal Regulation
Post Fitting Patient Care
Ethics/Legal Considerations
Marketing and Sales
If other, please describe

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