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Technical Support

IHS Webinars utilizes the GoToWebinar platform to deliver live webinars. If you are experiencing problems viewing a live IHS webinar, please visit the GoToWebinar techincal support web page at, or call LogMeIn GoToWebinar support directly at 888.259.8414.



Common FAQs


Q: How do I join an IHS Webinar from a Mac or PC?

A: Joining is easy and just takes a few seconds. Simply click the link in the invitation. You’ll proceed to your session immediately. Just remember to register first if attending a webinar or class. (The registration link is in the invitation email.)


Q: How can I join an IHS Webinar from a mobile device?

A: First, download the free GoToWebinar app on the App Store, Google Play or Windows store. Once installed, it’s much like joining from a computer. Simply click the link in your invitation email or open the app and enter the session ID.


Q: Do I need a GoToWebinar account to join an IHS Webinar:

A: No account is needed.


Q: What are the system requirements needed to join an IHS Webinar?



iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows mobile device

If you have questions regarding IHS Webinars, please email

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