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Earn IHS Continuing Education Credit thru AudiologyOnline

The International Hearing Society approves many online courses offered by AudiologyOnline. Start e-learning at

Q: How do I earn IHS credit through AudiologyOnline?

A: You must send a request to IHS to post the continuing education credit to your record and issue an IHS certificate of completion. The IHS certificate of completion is issued to those participants who have successfully completed the AudiologyOnline course(s). IHS will record the completed AudiologyOnline course(s) in your personal record.

Q: What do I send to IHS?

A: You must provide the following to IHS for credit of AudiologyOnline courses:

Q: How do I obtain an IHS certificate of completion from the AudiologyOnline courses I take?

A: Once you have completed the AudiologyOnline course, IHS will process a certificate of completion for the course credit. Follow the instructions above.

Q: What proof does IHS require for my AO course?

A: AO certificate of completion.