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Tinnitus Care Provider

Certificate Program

The International Hearing Society, along with Richard Tyler, PhD, MSc have collaborated to develop this high level educational program. The core curriculum presented is based upon Dr. Tyler’s 30 years of tinnitus research and tested protocols and expanded by the development committee of subject matter experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance and broaden your professional knowledge and clinical skills to help your patients/clients manage their tinnitus.


Section 1: Physiology

• Identify the common causes and mechanisms of Tinnitus

• Explain the relationships between hearing loss and Tinnitus

Section 2: Psychology

• Describe the impacts Tinnitus can have on patients’ lives

Section 3: Measurement

• Explain the measurement and evaluation of Tinnitus

Section 4: Management

• Explain the counseling techniques and approaches used to treat Tinnitus

• Give examples of how hearing instruments may help mitigate some of the adverse impacts of Tinnitus

• Explain how an intervention with background noise and/or sound therapy devices can help a patient with tinnitus

Section 5: Practice Organization

• Describe how to implement Tinnitus care as part of a practice



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