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Self-Study Opportunities for IHS Continuing Education Credit

IHS offers many opportunities for hearing healthcare professionals to earn continuing education credits. Informative articles and quizzes are available in each issue of The Hearing Professional magazine. These articles are available as a self-study opportunity. Simply download the article and successfully complete the quiz for continuing education credit.

Continuing Education Credit: Each quiz is worth 1 continuing education credit
Fees: $29 IHS members; $59 non-members (payment in US funds only)

How to obtain CE credit:
   • Click on an article title below
   • Read the article
   • Print the quiz on the last page
   • Mail the completed quiz with payment to IHS

Once the quiz is received at IHS it will be graded. You must score 70% or better to earn 1 continuing education credit. Your certificate of completion will be mailed to your postal address within 30 days of receipt.

If you have questions regarding the article or quiz, plese email

Articles Currently Available for Credit

Over the Counter Hearing Aids - Opinion & Perspective 2018

Gary Rosenblum, Oticon President and Douglas L. Beck, AuD Oticon Executive Director of Academic Sciences

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: The WFA Community-based Hearing Healthcare Model

Tani Austin, BC-HIS, H. William Noel, III, BC-HIS, Alfred Mwamba, AuD

How to Build a Physician Referral Program

Bob Tysoe

Compression: Historical Development & Use Today

Ted Venema, PhD

Overcoming Sales Objections

By C. W. Miller

The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

NAS Hearing Report and Recommendations

Cognition, Spatial Sound & Noise Reduction: 2016

Douglas L Beck, AuD

Cerumen Management
July Purdy, PhD, CCC-A

Five Steps to Updating Your Website
Christopher Erickson

Fitting Decisions and Their Impact on Hearing Aid User Benefit
By Mallory Maine, AuD and Erica Koehler, AuD

Creative Destruction in Hearing Care
Brian Taylor, AuD

Visual Models for Understanding Own-Voice Complaints
Max Stanley Chartrand, PhD (Behavioral Medicine), BC-HIS

2014 Benchmarking Survey Results: US Hearing Industry Performance Study
By Kimberly Rawn and Mike Lowery

Purpose Driven Hearing Care
Curtis J. Alcock

The Power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
Curtis J. Alcock

Baby Boomers—Taking a Different Approach
Christina Young

The Art and Science of a Good First Fit
Leanne Powers, AuD

Reflections on Change, Fitting Protocols, Counseling, Audiograms, and More!
Douglas L. Beck, AuD

What Do Patients Remember? How to Put You and Your Patients on the Same Page
Brian Urban, AuD

Prescription for Culture
Maria Adcock, MBA

Exit and Succession Planning for the Hearing Aid Specialist
Craig Castelli, CEO & Managing Director of Caber Hill Advisors

Counseling for Quality of Life Improvement
Max Stanley Chartrand, PhD, BC-HIS

Infection Control Practice
Julie Purdy, PhD, CCC-A

Social Media Roadmap
Fran Vincent-Muscat

Advanced Phone Skills
Von Hansen

The Myths and Truths in Hearing Loops
Richard McKinley of Contacta Inc.

Modernizing Your Marketing Efforts
Brian Taylor, AuD

12 Step Closing Process
Vincent Yero, BC-HIS

Anti-Kickback Considerations for the Hearing Healthcare Practitioner
Douglas A. Lewis, JD, PhD, AuD, MBA

Ted Venema, PhD

Reinventing your Business
Sarah Miller Caldicott

By A.U. Bankaitis, Ph.D., Vice President Oaktree Products

Stop Wrestling with your Clients: Three Successful Counseling Skills
By Nikolas Klakow, AuD

Getting the Patient with Moderate Hearing Loss to Accept Help
By Russell Jones, BS, MBA, BC-HIS

Common Clinical Encounters: Do We Really Know Them?
By Ted Venema, PhD

Cognition and Audition: Introductory Concepts
By Douglas Beck, AuD

ABC's of Infection Control
By A. U. Bankaitis, PhD and Robert J. Kemp, MBA

Hearing Healthcare and the Age Boom: Big Bang or Big Flop (Part II)
By Douglas Lewis, JD, PhD, AuD

The Psychology of Changing Attitudes, Beliefs, and Expectations
By Russell Jones, BC-HIS

Adding Precision to the Initial Hearing Aid Fitting
By Michael Block, PhD

Bimodal Hearing: The Increasing Use of Amplification With a Cochlear Implant
By Molly Justus, AuD, BC-HIS

Beyond the Fitting Target: Verifying Advanced Hearing Aid Features
By Rebecca A. Younk, AuD

Counseling Theories Applied to Fitting Hearing Losses
By Granville Y. Brady, Jr., AuD

Demystifying Hearing Research
By Patricia E. Connelly, PhD, CCCA, ABA

Custom Earpieces: A Closer Look
By Wayne Staab, PhD

The Virtue of Simplicity in Hearing Aid Applications
By Christopher Schweitzer, PhD

Law Issues for the Hearing Healthcare Professional
By Douglas Lewis, PhD, JD