Symptoms of Hearing Loss

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Hearing Loss Symptoms

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Hearing Loss Symptoms

Reasons to Suspect Hearing Loss

  • You have a family history of hearing loss
  • You have been reportedly exposed to high noise levels
  • You are inclined to believe that "everybody mumbles" or "people don't speak as clearly as they used to"
  • You feel growing nervous tenstion, irritability, or fatigue from the effort to hear
  • You find yourself straining to understand conversations and watching people's faces intently when you are listing
  • You frequently misunderstand or need to have things repeated
  • You increase the audio volume on devices (television, radio or phone) to a point that others complain of the loudness
  • You have diabetes, heart, thyriod, or circulation problems; recurring ear infections; contant ringing in the ears; dizziness; or exposure to ototoxic drugs or medications.

Do You Have Hearing Loss?

Consult a hearing professional near you to check up on your hearing health and possibly determine your level of hearing loss. You can find a hearing aid specialist in your area by using our Find A Provider locator or call the Hearing Aid Helpline at (800) 521-5247. When you call the helpline, be sure to ask for the consumer kit. Each kit includes a booklet on hearing loss and hearing aids, and a listing of qualified Hearing Aid Speciliats in your area.

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