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Hearing Aid Specialist Tops 2024 Job List 

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FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – January 11, 2024 – For the second year in a row, the U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) January 9 edition ranked Hearing Aid Specialist as a best job for 2024. Hearing Aid Specialist moved up on many of the magazine’s 2024 rankings, including taking the top spot on their list of Best Jobs Without A College Degree, and moving up fifty points to 32nd on their 100 Best Jobs list. The January report examined the same collection of jobs that were considered for the 2023 rankings, which included jobs with the largest number and percentage of projected openings from 2021 to 2031, as determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hearing Aid Specialist profession made several top rankings in the Report:

  • #9 in Highest Paying Jobs without a Degree,
  • #1 in Best Jobs Without A College Degree,
  • #4 in Best Health Care Support Jobs, and
  • #32 in 100 Best Jobs.

The International Hearing Society (IHS), an association dedicated to the support, education, and advancement of hearing healthcare professions, is primed to meet the increasing demand for this important profession. IHS President Patrick Kochanowski, BS, ACA, BC-HIS, said, “I applaud the high marks Hearing Aid Specialist received as a profession from the USNWR research, for the second year in a row. With so many additional choices for hearing healthcare available on the market in recent years, consumers are more in need than ever before for information on how to best address their hearing loss. Hearing Aid Specialists help individuals navigate the many options on the market and provide exceptional and compassionate care for people and their family members.

“For those looking for a valued and stable career where they can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, I encourage you to check out this career, which is in high demand among all the employers I speak with. Learn more about this profession on the rise at"

What is a Hearing Aid Specialist? A hearing aid specialist is a licensed health care professional trained to conduct hearing evaluations, screen for conditions indicating the need for physician referral, identify common types of hearing loss, and provide solutions, including the use of hearing aids and other interventions. Most hearing aid specialists are trained through an apprenticeship model – making this a highly accessible career choice. Others may complete an associate’s degree program, and all must comply with state licensing requirements.

Executive Director of International Hearing Society Alissa Parady said, “The opportunities are vast for individuals considering a new career as a hearing aid specialist. Not only is the demand for qualified professionals high, but accessibility to the profession makes this a fantastic choice for someone who may be looking for an alternative to a four-year program or is looking to make a career switch. Even more, the work is so meaningful, for both the provider and the patient. Helping an individual reconnect with their loved ones, improve their health outcomes, and stay connected at work provides high levels of job satisfaction.”

Parady invites individuals interested in exploring this profession and hearing healthcare to visit to learn more.

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