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Hearing Aids Strike Gold on Hit TV Show

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – October 11, 2023– Health Literacy Month and ABC and Hulu’s hit show ‘The Golden Bachelor’ are two events happening in October that showcase the value of taking care of your hearing. The popular television series premiered last month to a record viewing audience* and showed 72-year-old bachelor Gerry Turner getting dressed and donning hearing aids while preparing to meet a houseful of competing bachelorettes. Several of his potential girlfriends shared that they wear hearing aids as well.

International Hearing Society (IHS) President-Elect Michael Andreozzi, BS, BC-HIS, applauded the positive messaging for hearing healthcare, “I hope the many viewers of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ will see the link between how taking care of your hearing relates to maintaining vital connections in living a fulfilled life. This show exemplifies how acceptable and meaningful it is to address your hearing and there’s no better time to do that than during October, as it is Health Literacy Month. Hearing aids can improve communications, including with medical professionals and caregivers, and open new possibilities, as the nation is learning through this series.”

During Health Literacy Month in October, IHS seeks to educate the public on how hearing health is an integral component of overall wellness and making informed personal health decisions. Earlier this year, the National Library of Medicine published a study** that disclosed that 227.32 million Americans experience subclinical hearing loss—an astounding number that reflects the high potential for levels of profound hearing loss in the future. Proactive hearing checks and interventions, when appropriate, may help reduce one’s risk of dementia and cognitive decline, and provide other benefits.

If you haven’t had a recent hearing check, International Hearing Society (IHS) provides these guidelines for when/how often individuals should check their hearing:

  • People should get their hearing tested at least every three years.
  • People regularly exposed to noise should have an annual hearing test.
  • People who notice a change in their hearing or develop tinnitus should have their hearing checked as soon as possible.
  • Current hearing aid wearers should have an annual hearing test.

IHS President Patrick Kochanowski, BS, ACA, BC-HIS, said, “Hearing is an important and often neglected component of overall health. October as Health Literacy Month is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the life-changing work that hearing aid specialists accomplish in their offices, educating and caring for individuals who want to hear better and stay connected with life. I encourage people to embrace the value of hearing aids like ABC’s ‘Golden Bachelor’ and have their hearing checked.”

A successful hearing test begins by making an appointment with a qualified hearing healthcare provider. If you don’t have one, individuals can access IHS’ convenient member directory to locate a local hearing aid specialist.

Visiting a hearing healthcare provider is an excellent first step to increasing your health literacy and protecting your hearing.


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