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World Hearing Day: Changing Mindsets about Hearing Aids

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – February 20, 2024 – The International Hearing Society (IHS) will celebrate World Hearing Day (WHD) on Friday, March 1, 2024, to raise awareness of hearing healthcare and address the stigma that is often attached to hearing loss and hearing aids. 430 million1 people globally (five percent of the world’s population) and 60.7 million U.S. individuals2 experience some degree of hearing loss. In response to this healthcare challenge, IHS spotlights its members, licensed Hearing Aid Specialists and allied hearing health providers, as an exceptional pathway for individuals to discover their hearing baseline and determine the best way forward for enhanced hearing. IHS’ celebration of World Hearing Day is designed to help connect the public to licensed hearing healthcare professionals who can provide hearing solutions.

IHS Executive Director Alissa Parady said, “International Hearing Society is honored to partner with the World Hearing Forum (WHF) to celebrate World Hearing Day and work to, “Change Mindsets…let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all,” the theme of WHD 2024. IHS is hosting an open house at its newly opened headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, on March 1, Friday, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, to spread awareness about hearing care and the profession of Hearing Aid Specialist. Consumers are welcome to visit and learn more about the importance of discovering their hearing baseline and how hearing care can improve their lives. IHS also welcomes hearing health professionals to learn more about the many products and services IHS produces to help professionals help more people achieve better hearing.

“We also will celebrate WHD with an online campaign that shares what IHS members are doing to break the stigma of hearing aids. This WHD initiative aligns closely with IHS’ consumer awareness campaign that launched one year ago, “Stay Connected With Life.” Individuals in need of a licensed hearing healthcare provider can find one through our free directory: Hearing protection and communication solutions are available to so many who will take the first step in visiting a hearing healthcare provider.”

IHS President Patrick Kochanowski, BS, ACA, BC-HIS, said, “IHS members are making a difference around the world in sharing the gift of hearing healthcare with individuals in more than 18 countries. We are proud to stand with the World Health Organization and World Hearing Forum in combatting the stigmas that hold back many from seeking accessible solutions to hearing issues. I hope you will join us, either online on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, or in person at our newly rebuilt world headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, on March 1, as we celebrate World Hearing Day and work to make hearing care accessible to more people. If you are in need of a hearing aid specialist near you to determine whether you have hearing loss or hearing aids may be helpful, visit to learn more.”

World Health Organization Global Key Facts1

  • By 2050, nearly 2.5 billion people are projected to have some degree of hearing loss, and at least 700 million will require hearing rehabilitation.
  • Over 1 billion young adults are at risk of permanent, avoidable hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices.
  • An annual additional investment of less than US$ 1.40 per person is needed to scale up ear and hearing care services globally.
  • Over a 10-year period, the above investment promises a return of nearly US$ 16 for every US dollar invested.
  • Over 5% of the world’s population – or 430 million people – require rehabilitation to address their disabling hearing loss (including 34 million children).
  • It is estimated that by 2050 over 700 million people – or 1 in every 10 people – will have disabling hearing loss.

U.S. STATISTICS: Check out these statistics from the National Council on Aging2 and move into action to enhance and protect your hearing today!

  • Hearing loss affects about 60.7 million Americans aged 12 and older.
  • About 15.5% (44.1 million) of American adults aged 20 and older have some level of hearing loss.
  • Of people aged 65 and older, 31.1% experience hearing loss, while 40.3% of adults aged 75 and older experience hearing loss.
  • Around the world, about 70 million people are deaf (complete hearing loss).
  • Studies show approximately 28.8 million American adults could significantly benefit from wearing a hearing aid.
  • Only 16% of people aged 20–69 have ever used a hearing aid, while just 30% of those aged 70 and above have done so.
  • Hearing loss is on the rise in the United States and is expected to almost double by the year 2060.
  • Our hearing ability can greatly impact our health.
  • Hearing loss is currently the third-leading chronic health condition in the United States and cases are rapidly increasing.

NOTE: World Hearing Day is officially held on March 3 each year.


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