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Advance to the Next Level In Your Journey as a Hearing Aid Professional!

About the Advanced Hearing Aid professional (AHAP) Program

Developed in 2024, this program replaces the American Conference of Audioprosthology (ACA) program that was previously offered as advanced education. IHS is dedicated to providing the best and most accessible education to our members and the hearing healthcare community. After listening to requests and conducting surveys, this program was created to meet the needs of professionals looking to elevate their skills and take their career to the next level.

The Advanced Hearing Aid Professional (AHAP) Program offers:

  • Flexible online education
  • Personalized feedback from knowledgeable instructors
  • Networking and peer learning
  • Hands-on training in clinical skills
  • Reusable materials such as quick reference sheets, templates, etc.
  • Those who complete the program will earn the AHAP credential distinguishing their advancements among their peers.

Enrollment for the 2024-2025 program is now open and ends on September 9, 2024.


Term Schedule

Check out the structure of the program designed to enhance your skillset.


About Enrollment

Are you eligible to enroll in the AHAP program?


Program Handbook

From policies to term details, everything you need to know about program can be found here.


Meet Your Instructors

Term 1

Module 1
"Infection Control Protocols and Ethical Considerations"

Joseph Bartlett, ACA, BC-HIS

Module 2
"Acoustics and Psychoacoustics: Enhancing Patient Communication and Professional Collaboration"

David Frazier II

Module 3
"Exploring Anatomy and Physiology: Anomalies, Referrals, and Communicating with Patients"

Aaron Shaw, BC-HIS

Module 4
"Comorbidities and Amplification Management: Integrating Health Context in Hearing Care"

Aaron Shaw, BC-HIS

Module 5
"The Cognition-Audition Connection"

Albert Turri, AuD

Module 6
"Case History and Counseling Essentials: Protocols for Thorough Patient Assessment and Management"

David Frazier II

Term 2

Module 7
"Elevating the Audiometric Evaluation: Masking, Speech Testing, and Tympanometry"

McKayla Wheeler, BC-HIS

Module 8
"From Ear Impressions to Custom Hearing Solutions: Techniques and Coupler Selections"

Rebecca Krouse, BC-HIS

Module 9
"Empowering Patients: ALDs, Hearing Aid Technology, and OTC Considerations"

Lynn Royer, BC-HIS

Module 10
"Verification and Validation: Practical Applications and Interpretation"

Lynn Royer, BC-HIS

Module 11
"Post-Fitting Management: Troubleshooting, Analysis, and Communication"

Rebecca Krouse, BC-HIS


Module 12A
"Cerumen Management: Assessment, Intervention, and Referral"


Module 12B
"Financial Analysis and Practice Management for Hearing Aid Professionals"

Samantha Sikorski, ACA, CPCO, CDP

Program Structure

The AHAP program consists of two Terms hosted within IHS' e-Learning Portal and a Hand-On Workshop conducted in-person.

In order to participate in the program, all learners must first enroll in and complete Term 1. Learners will be given the option to either take Term 2 immediately following Term 1 or they may opt for Term 2 during the next program year (Winter/Sprin 2026). No additional extensions will be allowed.

Term 1

Self-paced online learning with feedback from instructors, optional live sessions, and peer engagement.

    All enrolled learners will complete the same modules.

    Runs from September 23 to December 31, 2024

    Term 2

    Self-paced online learning with feedback from instructors, optional live sessions, and peer engagement.

    Learners will complete mostly the same modules, but will have a choice of an elective.

    Runs from January 2 to April 30, 2025

    Hands-On Workshop

    Some of the topics covered require hands-on instruction and practice to fully master the skills, such as ear impressions and cerumen management.

    Occurs from April 23 - 27, 2025

    Location will be at or near the IHS World Headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. Additional sessions will be added if required based on enrollment. Learners should confirm they will be available to travel those dates prior to enrolling.

    Final Assessment & Earning the AHAP Credential

    The Final Assessment is optional. However, if you wish to earn the AHAP credential, receive a high-quality certificate, and gain access to the marketing toolkit, you MUST pass the Final Assessment following the completion of Term 2. The Final Assessment will take the form of a project. Details will be released to learners prior to the end of Term 2. The window to complete the Final Assessment between April 28, 2025, and October 27, 2025. Projects will be graded within 30 days of receipt. The passing score is 70%. Learners who do not initially earn 70% will be given an opportunity to rectify errors and re-submit within 30 days.

    About Enrollment

    Enrollment is a two-step process. Click the button below to be taken to the online enrollment form. Once your license is verified, you will receive an email with instructions to submit payment. Please attend promptly to this step, as your spot is not confirmed until payment is complete. If you haven’t received the payment email within three business days of completing the online enrollment form, please check your spam/junk folder, then call us at 734-522-7200 if it’s not there.


    To be eligible to enroll in the AHAP Program, learners must be a fully licensed/registered/certified hearing aid professional. The license must be good standing in their jurisdiction and remain active throughout the program. Learners are required to upload a copy of their license at the time of enrollment and licensure will be verified by IHS staff.  

    While not required, it is suggested that learners have two or more years of full-time, licensed, clinical experience in hearing aid fitting and dispensing prior to enrolling.  

    Continuing Education

    A minimum of 82 CE credits will be awarded to individuals who complete the program. Note: learners do not have to take or pass the final assessment to earn the CE credits. The CE Credit will be awarded accordingly following the completion of each module. All required learning activities must be completed in order for the CE Credit to be issued. Depending on program activities, more than 82 CE Credits may be issued at IHS’ sole determination. Individuals who choose to complete both Module 12 options will earn additional CE Credits.  


    IHS Members enjoy a reduced rate for the AHAP Program. As an IHS member you will have access to business resources, services and discounts, representation by our advocacy team, marketing resources, networking at events, and of course EDUCATION.

    IHS is offering the AHAP Program to IHS Members at an average discount of 20% depending on the options you select when you enroll in the program.

    IHS members can receive an additional 10% discount off the full tuition price (for a total price of $4311.00 without an additional elective or $4756.50 with an additional elective) when paid in full at the time of enrollment. 

    For learners who wish to pay for Term 1 and Term 2 separately, Term 2 must be paid in full by December 1, 2024, for enrollment beginning January 2, 2025. 

    Not an IHS Member? Learn more about joining the only international association dedicated to protecting, representing, and promoting the interests of hearing aid specialists and the hearing healthcare profession. Your potential discount on the AHAP program is $1,000 – 1,200 based on your enrollment selections. Learn more about becoming a member!


    all prices are in USD.

    IHS Member Pricing

    Non-Member Pricing

    Term 1 Tuition $1895 $2395
    Term 2 Tuition $2895 $3395
    Additional elective fee (optional) $495 $695

    Total (Term 1 and 2) without additional elective

    $4790 $5790

    Pay In Full to SAVE 10%!

    Total (Term 1 and 2) without additional elective

    $4311 Become a Member to Save!
    Total (Term 1 and 2) with additional elective $5285 $6485

    Pay In Full to SAVE 10%!

    Total (Term 1 and 2) with additional elective

    $4756.50 Become a Member to Save!

    Installment Payments & Cancellation Policy

    To learn more about how to pay for the program in installment payment of how to cancel enrollment, please refer to the AHAP Handbook linked here